With the unpredictable winter weather around Iowa City, IA, you never know when you might encounter an icy road. Unfortunately, icy roads offer some of the most hazardous road conditions that you will face. At Audi Iowa City, we want to arm you with information to help you safely take on the roads in the winter. If you ever find yourself skidding on an icy road, here are a few things you can do to help correct the condition.

First and most importantly, make sure not to apply your brakes. Although that seems like the logical thing to do, your tires will have nothing to grip onto, meaning that braking will only cause your skidding to increase. Instead of braking, you'll want to use your steering wheel to turn into the skid. For example, if your vehicle's rear end has lost traction and is drifting to the left relative to the direction you're driving, then be sure to turn your steering wheel to the left, as well. This will allow the forces to even out so that you can recover from your skid without completely losing control.

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