Anyone who is familiar with the name Audi knows that this make is known for making high-quality luxury vehicles. Drives who want to buy a like-new vehicle for a fraction of the cost typically find buying a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Audi an ideal choice. For more information on the Audi CPO program or to check out the many Audi vehicles we offer, come see us at Audi Iowa City.

CPO Audi vehicles are a special brand of Audi vehicles. They cannot be older than five years and must have fewer than 60,000 miles. Each Audi CPO vehicle must pass a 300-point inspection and be free of any recalls. If any repairs are needed, certified Audi technicians do the repairs.

CPO Audis also come with special benefits, including warranty, clear title, roadside assistance, and a Carfax vehicle history report. Test-driving a vehicle is often the deciding factor when choosing a vehicle. We would love to put you behind the wheel of a CPO Audi for your own test drive at our Iowa City, IA showroom.