Find Routes to Various Destinations Faster Using Technology in the Audi A5 Sportback's Cabin

Although touchscreen technology is convenient, the process of finding information by tapping the display can be somewhat time-consuming. Audi has a faster solution for people who need rapid results while using the software on an instrument panel, and it's called MMI Touch.

The technology that powers MMI Touch is synced to a touchpad. If you guide your finger along the pad, you can input letters and numbers. This touchpad has a wide circular surface area, so the process of making long strokes is never a hassle. After maps are loaded on the instrument panel, the large pad provides big advantages as you'll only have to guide your finger a short distance to effectively navigate all available routes.

MMI Touch is a technology that you must experience on the road. At Carousel Audi Iowa City, you can use it after one of our salesmen sets up a test drive. We serve locals in many communities in Iowa City, IA.

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