Answers About The 2019 Audi e-tron's Battery Can Be Found At Carousel Audi Iowa City

Audi has sought to bring something new to drivers that they'll be able to appreciate and enjoy. With the Audi e-tron, an all-electric SUV, the engineers at Audi have crafted a vehicle that will get you to wherever you need to be around Iowa City, IA without compromise. To do this, the e-tron comes with a well-developed battery.

At the heart of the e-tron is a large 95 kWh lithium-ion battery that has been placed in the floor of the passenger compartment. This battery was made to be durable and efficient while also providing flexibility for drivers. It can be charged in the home environment or by higher voltage public DC fast chargers.

To provide more safety for occupants of the e-tron, the battery comes with an aluminum frame casing to cover it and a honeycombed structure underneath. These design choices increase the security of the battery in the event of a collision occurring.

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