Finding New Technology with the Rear-View Mirrors

There is always some additions to the technology of the vehicle. For one thing, manufacturers are always looking for ways to make driving easier for drivers. We at Carousel Audi Iowa City choose these cars because it makes driving a lot safer. These types of advancements work well with the sight on the road.

One piece of technology and tool that is needed for a vehicle is the rear view. While the rear-view mirror is convenient for helping people look behind them, there are certain disadvantages that can come with the tool. For one thing, drivers could be blinded when someone is coming up behind them at night. Fortunately, some vehicles have dimming rear view mirrors.

The way the dimming rear-view mirror works is by charging the gel in the vehicle to become oxidized. This causes it to darken so that it does not allow the glare from the oncoming vehicle.

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