Winter and Summer Wiper Blades

While most drivers don't really notice their wiper blades until they become too worn to clear the windshield, there's actually a lot of nuance in the varieties and designs that make them customized for various weather conditions. Understanding why seasonal wiper blades matter will help you to utilize them more effectively.

Winter temperatures can cause rubber to become brittle and inflexible. Winter blades have a rubber composition that allows them to stay supple when temperatures plummet. The design of the blade also eliminates excess moving parts, keeping them from becoming frozen. Their tough design is also excellent for clearing heavy snow.

Summer blades use a rubber designed to withstand high temperatures and contain more moving parts that allow them to conform to the windshield and clear rain effectively. Visit Carousel Audi Iowa City in Iowa City, IA if you need us to top up your washer fluid, replace your worn wiper blades or change them for the coming season.

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