Here at Carousel Audi Iowa City, we like taking extra time to provide drivers everywhere with advice. During cold months, drivers are often exposed to special conditions that include sleet, ice, and snow. These various conditions can have detrimental effects on vehicle traction and driver control. Because of this, it is important for winter drivers to follow some basic cold weather driving rules.

It is of paramount importance to maintain control of vehicles at all times, and to this end, drivers who are operating in snowy or icy weather should reduce speed of travel to below-posted speed limits. This will enable them to react to sudden changes in traction or the actions of other drivers.

In some situations, skids become likely. Drivers who feel their vehicles skid should immediately remove pressure from the gas pedals and avoid hitting the brakes hard. If the front end of the vehicle is skidding, drivers should downshift if possible and gently guide the front wheels back onto the path. If the rear is skidding, drivers should gently guide steering wheels in the same direction as the rear end of the vehicles.

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