Take a Look at These Audi A3 Sedan Technology Features

What makes the new Audi A3 such a popular luxury car? These technology features are certainly part of the reason. Backing out of a tight parking space or even your driveway is a lot easier in the new Audi A3. This vehicle comes equipped with the Cross-Traffic Alert feature that monitors the road in both directions by way of a radar sensor to alert you to stop if a vehicle is detected in your path.

The Pre-Collision Assist feature that is in the Audi A3 is activated as you are driving and uses a camera and sensors to monitor the road ahead for a collision risk. If detected, you'll get a series of alerts followed by the brakes pre-charging to stop your vehicle before colliding with the vehicle or pedestrian ahead.

Now you can even see more of these features when you drop by Carousel Audi Iowa City and test drive the Audi A3 today.

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