It's Spring Cleaning Time for Your Car. Here's Some Tips

The best way to properly take care of your car is to be well-informed. Here at Carousel Audi Iowa City, our wish is that you have the right knowledge to keep your vehicle well-maintained. And when it comes to the weather changes, it not only matters for our wardrobes, but our cars as wells. Here's some spring cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Make sure you still have your owner's manual and have it always accessible somewhere in your car. And read up on it to make sure you're keeping up with their recommended service guidelines.

Have any issues with the car serviced before the real hot weather comes. Now's also a good time to freshen up the cooling system, along with having a professional check out the belts and hoses.

If you need your oil, tires, or filters changed or replaced, don't hesitate to visit our service center in Iowa City. We're here to get you warm-weather ready!

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