Common Reasons Your Engine Is Overheating

When your car engine gets too hot, you need to bring your car to our service center at Carousel Audi Iowa City right away to figure out what the problem is. There are a number of reasons for your engine to overheat, but overall if it is getting too hot you are causing damage to your engine.

Before you get stuck with an engine that completely overheats, get your car inspected. The problem may be a leak in your cooling system or a block in one of the hoses. When your cooling system can't cool down your engine, it will overheat.

Your engine can also overheat when the water pump breaks or the radiator fan isn't working. Both help keep your engine cool when your vehicle is running. The temperature gauge on your car will let you know if your engine is running hot. Pay attention to the gauge and get help if your car is overheating.

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