Towing Guide Tips to Reduce Trouble on the Roads

The entire team here at Carousel Audi Iowa City wanted to make certain your next towing adventure was a safe one.

  • Check the lug nuts on all the trailer tires now before you head out and a tire starts coming loose.
  • Take a minute after the vehicle has been loaded on the trailer to check the tire pressure. If the tires are still holding the same air pressure after a few minutes, the trailer is safe to drive.
  • Look at the lights on the trailer after the wiring harness has been connected. Make sure the parking lights, brake lights, and the turn signals are operational.
  • The side mirrors will have blind spots, even more so when towing a vehicle. Purchase small blind-spot mirrors and apply them to your side mirrors to increase safety on the highways.

It is important to have your vehicle inspected mechanically in our service center at Carousel Audi Iowa City before attempting to tow another vehicle.

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