Smart Cold Weather Car Battery Tips

Car batteries and engine oil don't care for cold much less freezing weather. But the service technicians at Carousel Audi Iowa City have several tips to pass along to drivers to help make starting your car in cold weather much easier.

Park your car overnight in a garage or under a carport so keep it warmer than parking it out in the open. Make certain that your car is using the type of oil recommended for your specific make and model, switching to a winter blend accommodating colder temperatures. If the fuel you are using doesn't come with additives to accommodate cold temperatures, considering adding a dry gas additive. Turn the engine over with all other electronics turned off.

Our Carousel Audi Iowa City service department in Iowa City, IA can determine if it's time for a battery replacement. Why not schedule a battery health check-up today to avoid slow and non-starting batteries during cold weather?

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