FWD vs RWD: What's Better for Your Vehicle

In the old days, all cars were made with RWD. It provided more power and pushed the car forward. However, most cars today have different drivetrains that can be confusing if you don't know what to look for.

With a front-wheel drive vehicle, you are probably purchasing a fuel economy sedan as FWD saves on gas while still providing decent power. RWD is the opposite and is typical of muscle cars such as Dodge Challengers. However, some of these cars are also transitioning to AWD, which is better for icy road conditions.

There are also manufacturers who are changing over to xDrive, which means that you can have any number of drivetrain combinations. FWD for fuel economy, but then you can switch to turbo or RWD in some vehicles for more power. If you want to see different drivetrains, just stop by our showroom at Carousel Audi Iowa City located in Iowa City, IA for a test drive.

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