The majority of drivers who shop for an Audi end up driving off the lot with one equipped with quattro all-wheel drive. But with the launch of the latest A4 allroad, the German automaker has debuted its latest iteration of the legendary system. Called “quattro with ultra,” it adds an efficiency factor to the renowned grip that drivers have enjoyed for over 35 years.

Found on many 2017 and 2018 models, quattro with ultra works with the same principle as the generations before it. The difference is that the system works predominantly in front-wheel drive to save on gas. It works through a gearbox clutch that decouples the rear prop-shaft, and opens the rear-axle differential to cut down on drag. But when the system senses a situation where traction could be lost, the same rear prop-shaft accelerates within fractions of a second to prevent slip. Reviewers have found this system works so well, they don’t notice when the car is driving with the front, or all four wheels.

To experience the legendary grip and efficiency of this system, ask a sales representative at our Audi dealership in Iowa City, IA to learn where it’s available. We can also answer any other questions.

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