Every all-wheel drive system makes a difference in poor weather, but none of them make the “quattro” difference. That’s what sets our Audi models apart from other premium vehicles with AWD. Using innovative engineering, quattro sends engine torque to the wheels with the most grip, nixing traction loss before it happens, and providing legendary performance all the while.

What makes quattro mechanically unique is its use of a self-locking center differential instead of a transfer case. Connected to two output shafts, it can route, and reroute power continuously between front and rear wheels. In the latest models, which use the sixth generation of quattro, a crown-gear differential is used, enabling a split of 75 percent of the power forward, and 85 percent rearward. Further, this system can vector torque and braking force between wheels, for complete control over all vehicle dynamics when driving in rain, or snow, when braking or cornering.

You can find the quattro system on A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8 sedans, as well as all crossovers and SUVs, and the TT roadster. But not all these systems are created the same. A different variant is offered on every new Audi model we sell, tuning it to its specific performance and mission. To learn more, contact our Iowa City, IA dealership!

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