Our mechanics at Carousel Audi Iowa City know the open road is no place for a vehicle weakened from dirty oil and low transmission fluid. Your car can move grocery, passengers, and take you to hundreds of places you might want to travel. Nevertheless, only if you keep it clean inside the engine with the right fluids. A few minutes of maintenance will keep a car on the road for many years.

A pre-road trip checklist is significant to good driving. Here are a few tips for your next trip:

  • Use Google Map and Print Out the Route
  • Pack Food, Beverages, Paper Plates, and Utensils: Buying things along the way can be expensive. This can help you save money and time.
  • Keep Emergency tools in the Event of Car Trouble
  • Plan Stops at Places: Mark places where you can stop and stretch your legs, like hotels. However, research an area’s reputation online before stopping.

Residents of Iowa City understand a drive is always more fun when the car you are driving is in good repair. You cannot make a fashion statement with a smoking car. Get your car checked to avoid the hassle at 1809 Highway 1 West!


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