Headlights are Critical for Safety

Having headlights that are well-maintained and functioning correctly is critical for your safety. That means checking them regularly as you would for tire pressure.

As with any part of the vehicle, age and use affect headlight performance. Routinely check the lenses for dirt, yellowing, cracks or other damage. All of these can affect the quality of light coming out of the bulbs. Also, check the brightness of the light. Aging bulbs usually mean a dimmer light, and they will need to get replaced to ensure your safety. Next, check the focus of the light coming from each bulb. They both should be shining directly in front. Hitting bumps and potholes can cause the bulbs’ to become misaligned, resulting in possible blind spots.

Our experienced technicians at Carousel Audi Iowa City in Iowa City, IA, will gladly help you by checking your headlights for you and will replace them if needed. Just stop by or call for an appointment.

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