Those who opt for a vehicle with all-wheel drive know that the safety and security afforded by the added traction can be a real boon when the weather turns nasty. But there is a trade off—all-wheel drive cars generally don’t get the gas mileage of front wheel models. That’s why Audi has tweaked their legendary Quattro system to give you more savings.

It might be odd to think of such things coming from a luxury automaker, but it’s just another way that the four rings solidifies its commitment to drivers. That’s why they’ve introduced Quattro with ultra, a version of the AWD system that disconnects the rear wheels when cruising. If those rear wheels are needed, they can be activated again in the blink of an eye.

Take a look at the above video to learn more about the Quattro with ultra all-wheel drive platform. To see which of our models they’re available in, contact our Audi dealership in Iowa City, IA, or browse our inventory through our website.

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