The "Check Engine" light is usually orange or amber, and it's usually right in the middle of the dash, behind the steering wheel. You can't miss it, once you see it. It's shaped like a little automobile engine. If you're driving along, and the light suddenly shows up, you're usually scared that something is drastically wrong with your car, and you see in your mind's eye hundreds of dollars in repair. That's disheartening.
But it is seldom so. Odds are it's not too serious. The first thing to do is pull over and check your gas cap. A loose gas cap can make the light come on. If it doesn't go out, pull into your dealer and let them run a quick diagnostic with a little computer tablet that plugs into a spot under your dash. That will tell you what is wrong, and it's usually not serious. But, if something does go wrong, make sure that only qualified individuals who are authorized by your auto manufacturer work on your car. They are professionally trained to work on your car.
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