Save Money by Tire Rotation

Car tire rotation is the moving of tires to different locations around it to wear out evenly. The front wheel especially is the most prone to wear out due to the uneven weight distribution which tends to concentrate on the engine because of the weight. During breaking the load tends to shift on the front wheel and the often steering of the front wheel also is a burden to the front wheels.

Proper rotation can save buying tires more often as the treads wear out evenly extending their lifespan.

Tires that if well maintained have excellent traction and therefore can have the proper grip. It contributes to improving the car gas mileage consumption hence saving on fuel.

Our service team here at Carousel Audi Iowa City ensures tire rotation is performed at every oil exchange mostly recommended at every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Stop by our service center today and discuss on saving money when good routine tire rotation is performed.

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