Windshield wiper fluid is an important component for any vehicle. It does not matter if it is a sports car, sport utility vehicle, or pickup truck, it is important that each and every one of these vehicles have an adequate supply of windshield washer fluid in the reservoir.

Many people are not aware that windshield wiper fluid is also used as a lubricant in the windshield wiper fluid system to make sure that corrosion does not form, leading to system failure which can be costly to repair. It only takes a minute to add windshield wiper fluid to your vehicle so that you can make sure that the system will perform as it is supposed to for years to come.

Here at, Carousel Audi Iowa City, we want you to stay safe on the road and if you’re in need or any repairs of fluid flushes, we welcome you to bring your vehicle into our dealership today to have it all taken care of in a fast and friendly fashion.

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