Keeping up with your Audi's regularly scheduled maintenance is imperative to the safety and overall lifespan of your vehicle -- but you already knew that. The way you care for your car varies depending on things like weather, road conditions, and driving style.


For instance, snow can impede the view of cameras and affect the sensors on varies safety systems on your new Audi. Exterior cameras are used for everything from parking assistance and collision prevention systems to creating a dashboard-screen view of your vehicle. It's important to keep these cameras clear of snow and debris, as a cloudy lens can affect how the system responds to obstacles. Just use soap and water on these lenses on a regular basis to ensure these systems are working properly when you need them.


The critics at Consumer Reports® recently created a video of how to clean various safety sensors on your vehicle, and we're included it below for your reference. Would you prefer an Audi specialist point out these spots on your particular model? We encourage you to make an appointment to see a technicians at the Certified Audi Service Center here at Carousel Audi Iowa City in Iowa, IA.

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